Monday, October 15, 2007

Why Did I Build This Blog

First of all, welcome to my blog. Make yourself at home. Don't hesitate to ask anything about programming. I'm here to try to share all my tips and tricks about programming as well as trying to help each other - including the lucky YOU...

After 10 years of programming, I finally feel how important is it to blog about all my development, problems, and solutions towards programming. Anyway, this blog only suitable for beginners and a bit advance programmer. If you're an expert programmer or so called GURU, this place is not for you. Please leave this place, go and find another place. Not this one - It's nothing if compared to you, experts :P

Why I build this blog? After a decade, I finally realize that I'm losing so much of my tips and tricks about programming. When I tried to find some solutions on the net - when I found them - use them - and then just let them go. As a result, I forgot how to do this and that. Poor me.

Like others said, experience is expensive. It's priceless. Unfortunately, what has gone will remain gone. Here I stand, to rebuild from scratch, step by step - my personal collections of programming solutions.