Monday, September 22, 2008

More elaboration on 'signed-by' and 'mailed-by'

A friend of mine, Tim recently asked me about the mail function in PHP programming which I wrote on how to edit or remove the default 'signed-by' or 'mailed-by' label during the sending activity.

His question is, where to put the code? As far as I'm concerned, I was not talking about the code, or even code positioning.

I'm talking about a particular technique that we would use in order to edit or to remove the distracting label when we use mail() function in our code (programming).

The real situation yet to be explained
The default value for the labels is usually the domain name of the server hosting company we run from.

In example, let say you use a web hosting from the well-known BlueHost company. Then you planned to send mass email to your friends about your new site, without revealing your friends' details among them.

So all you need to do is having your list in a database, and then use loop function to send mail to them, one by one, using the php mail() function. Perhaps, you'll use a fake email, or your self-hosted email, or even your true email from Google mail or Yahoo! mail.

Unfortunately, when using this method, recipients will see the header (if they checked on it) of the email, stated that the mail you sent was mailed by (in example)

This is what we don't like to see. It'll tell the recipients what hosting service we are using.

So, in order to remove or edit the default value, we need to do those things that I explained earlier. To see the post, click here.

I hope my friend Tim will get what I was actually saying. What say you?